Sunday, 11 April 2010

A Clockwork Corn

Squirrels + Corn = Video Opportunity. Watch this marvellous time lapse video of a bunch of squirrels (can't just be the same one, surely?) attacking their favorite food of the winter - good and healthy corn straight off the cob! And boy, do they tuck in!

The time lapse technique is used wonderfully here and it is fun watching the cob spin around as the squirrels devour it (hence the brilliant name for the piece I guess!). One to watch again and again!

This video was made by Vimeo member Mark Svoboda and was shot in an approximately two hour period.  As it is produced by Backyard Boredom Pictures, we are assuming that it was shot in Mr Svoboda's back yard - but of course we could be wrong on that point.  Wherever it was shot - thank you for a few minutes of great fun!


  1. LOL so funny! Poor thing must have a belly full.

  2. Thanks for sharing this with me Chris.

  3. I am Mark Svoboda, the creator of the video. Thanks for sharing it on your blog! It was indeed done in my backyard, and these squirrels devour cob after cob very quickly. The title is a reference to "A Clockwork Orange" film, where the William Tell Overture is used in another (more graphic) time lapse sequence. But as you stated, the squirrels devour the cobs like clockwork just the same.

  4. one more thing... the first half of the video features 4 to 6 different squirrels eating, but the second half has just one. (Only squirrels eat from the cob, but never two at once, so it can get competitive.) Once he gets full, he ran around the yard, maybe burning off a little energy, then in the video you can see him return about every real-time minute or so to get another kernel.

  5. Thanks, Mark, for adding your explanatory comments. This was such a well done time lapse we felt we just had to share - hope that you get lots of plays!

  6. I wonder how much of that corn ended up buried under the snow. We've had up to six different squirrels, several generations, in our backyard at a time. No matter how steady the food supply one finds it important to dig a hole. And yes they can really pack it in.

  7. Great stuff; thank you!
    It'd be fun to watch in reverse - they'd be like stock-keepers filling soup cans on a shelf.


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