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Luna Moth - Beautiful and Mysterious

Sunday 25 September 2011

Until he took this picture, Flickr Photographer Urtica was pretty sure he had never photographed a luna moth. It was on a short list of things he had decided if he ever did photograph, he would simply have to just retire the digicam.

Joking aside, he had the mercury vapor lamp and the white sheet out, and this little guy was hiding between the sheet and the shed door - he didn't find him until after he was breaking down the setup for the night. Patience it seems has its own rewards!

Sometimes... just have to green and bear it. This turtle looks as if it has been spending a little too much time under water.  However, he or she has managed to acquire a lovely green carapace under which to keep out of sight from potential predators. And they say a rolling stone gathers no moss!

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