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Monday 21 October 2013

If this doesn’t make your day then I am not sure what will…  Take a number of dogs, film them shaking off water and then slow the film down… right down until every twist and turn, each slobber and swerve is captured.  It is quite amazing how something so everyday becomes so entrancing!

The inspiration for this short piece came when the team from Variable, a production company & creative collective based in New York City saw the still photography of Carli Davidson which went viral last year.  They contacted her to see if she would be interested in taking her project a step further and capturing the dogs with the moving image.  As you can see, Variable got a big yes from Carli and they have now unleashed this fantastic video on to the internet.

If you love this as much as we did here at Ark in Space then you may like to know that Shake The Book is now available too, featuring many of Carli Davidson’s wonderful portraits of dogs captured in time while doing the shake…

The London Parakeets: Perfect Pest or Welcome Guest?

Saturday 19 October 2013

At some point in the late sixties some Parakeets made a bid for freedom in London.  For decades they were treated as an exotic guest and viewed with a mix of bemusement and pleasure.  However, their days in London seemed to be numbered a few years ago but so far, the numbers seem to be increasing.

For a while the number of Parakeets in London remained small and toleration was the name of the game.  After all, London has a long and proud history of welcoming foreigners to its heart and making them its own.  So it was with the parakeet.  However, their numbers exploded in the late nineties and many now seem them as a pest.  From the beginning of 2010 open season on the cockney parakeet was declared.

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