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Puppy Mill Sing-Along

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Puppy Mills have been and continue to be a huge problem wherever there is a market for pet dogs. In other words, it is a global issue.  However, that does not mean that people in specific areas cannot help to raise awareness and as you will see this can easily translate to the trade in dogs anywhere.  This video was created for San Francisco SPCA to raise awareness of the cruelty of online puppy mills.

It raises the issue so well that there is little or no need to put the message home in writing. However, puppy farms are only a quick fix (to probably use an incorrect metaphor).  My grandmother used to have a saying and that is buy cheap buy twice. Dogs bought from puppy farms come with a host of problems, not least those caused by the experiences they have had in the first few weeks or months of their lives.  Many of these dogs need to be put down sooner rather than later causing great distress all round. If you are thinking of welcoming a dog in to your house, do it properly! Get down to a shelter!

Hey! When is it Time for MY Dinner?

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

You know the old saying, water, water everywhere? That may as well be the case both literally and metaphorically for this monkey at Omaha zoo.  While the carp – which I must say look very well fed – get to enjoy their dinner, this poor little guy has to do without. Of course he will get his own later but there is just a look of resignation on his face that I had to share with you! It just speaks volumes.

Both Images Courtesy of Flickr User Templarion

The Largest Pigeon in the World – The Victoria Crowned Pigeon

Monday, 4 June 2012

Due to the demise of the Dodo, the mantle of the world’s largest pigeon was passed on to the Victoria Crowned. If you associate pigeons with the types that we see in our cities and towns – altogether a pretty unimpressive lot – then you are in for a surprise.

The first reaction to this bird is usually exclamatory. What? You mean that is actually a pigeon? Put simply, this bird is a stunner – and if you are used to English vernacular you may well associate those words with scantily clad ladies on the third page of some tabloid newspapers. This bird has made the news recently, however, in as much as several breeding programs throughout the world have met with success and have managed to breed these beauties.

Depending on your taste, this picture will probably produce one of two responses – ‘ew’ or ‘aw’. This baby Victoria Crowned Pigeon was born two years ago in Saitama Children’s Zoo in Japan. This adds to the chick that was hatched in London Zoo in September 2009. There has also been a birth in San Diego zoo. A much lauded breeding program may very well save this massively endangered species from extinction – and who could possibly want it to go the way of its cousin, the Dodo? However, one reaction, with apologies to the character Shug from the Color Purple movie is ‘you sure is ugly’.

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