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Puppy Mill Sing-Along

Sunday 10 June 2012

Puppy Mills have been and continue to be a huge problem wherever there is a market for pet dogs. In other words, it is a global issue.  However, that does not mean that people in specific areas cannot help to raise awareness and as you will see this can easily translate to the trade in dogs anywhere.  This video was created for San Francisco SPCA to raise awareness of the cruelty of online puppy mills.

It raises the issue so well that there is little or no need to put the message home in writing. However, puppy farms are only a quick fix (to probably use an incorrect metaphor).  My grandmother used to have a saying and that is buy cheap buy twice. Dogs bought from puppy farms come with a host of problems, not least those caused by the experiences they have had in the first few weeks or months of their lives.  Many of these dogs need to be put down sooner rather than later causing great distress all round. If you are thinking of welcoming a dog in to your house, do it properly! Get down to a shelter!

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