Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Are These the Cutest Kittens on the Internet?

We thought we would take a break here at the Ark in Space. A break from rare species, unusual bugs and dangerous beasties. We thought we would take time out to bring you a real cutefest – something which, as you can see by the title of this post, still raises a question or two. Why bring you this glorious gallery of the cutest kittens on the net? No real reason. Except because we can! Prepare to say aaaw a lot - enjoy!

OK, now we know that this has been done before - however, these are not pictures ripped (and ripped off) from a quick search. As ever, here, all the pictures are licensed through Creative Commons. We would like to thank the photographers for their huge generosity in allowing us to share their photographs with you. You can visit their photostreams on Flickr by clicking each picture!

This little guy is looking at the comments section – empty (at least to begin with!). Why not make his day and send us your cutest kitten pics? We will publish all high quality images sent to us – as long as you can show us that they are, indeed yours to send of course!

First Image Credit Flickr User Sergiou Bacioui

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