Friday, 5 July 2013

Stop the Dog (Starring Harvey Waggington)

Watch this right to the end: you will (I hope) laugh!  This short film, a little over two minutes long, follows the adventures of a lovable Labrador.  The dog is played by Harvey Waggington, who we suspect might be playing himself. Or it could be method acting: who can say?

However, that aside, this dog may be intent on being the canine equivalent of an altruist but he is somewhat let down by his natural clumsiness…

Stop the Dog was created by takeitoutsidefilms for the 2013 Virgin Media Shorts competition.  You can vote for it in the competition by clicking here.

The short was produced and directed by Alec Birkbeck with music written by Nick Salmon and played by Steel City Sax.

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