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Moratorium on Whaling Likely to be Swept Away

Tuesday 23 March 2010

In a move likely to confound conservationsists and - let's face it - sensible people all over the world, it looks very much like that moratorium on whaling will be swept away later on this year.  Looks like Japan, Norway and Iceland will be the three nations most responsible for the ultimate extinction of any number of species of whales in their pursuit of money.  A great shame but not one that is a massive surprise as the US - for a long time a great supporter of the moratorium - has inexplicably given in to pressure from these countries and now supports the lifting of the ban.  The NZ Herald has the story.

Image Credit Flickr User Minette Layne

A gray whale dives to dredge the bottom for food.

Taken off the coast of Washington, Whidby Island in March 2008.

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