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An Alphabet of Animals

Sunday 18 June 2017

We thought we would have a little fun and create a list of what we think are the best and most unusual collective nouns for animals. Of course, in the tradition of Ark in Space we are including the best images we could find to illustrate them. You can go check them out on the internet we did not make these up! So, here they are - an A-Z of collective nouns, a veritable alphabet of animals.

A byke of ants
We are not sure what it means, however.  Yet it was still more interesting than the word we would normally use - swarm

A cauldron of bats

A coalition of cheetahs

A piteousness of doves

A convocation of eagles

A bundle of frogs

A stretch of giraffes

A saladbowl of hamsters

A smack of jellyfish

A forkl of kudu

A conspiracy of lemurs
A mob of meerkats

A watch of nightingales

A romp of otters

A scoop of pelicans

A swarm of quelea

An unkindness of ravens

A hood of snails

A streak of tigers

A blessing of unicorns

OK, there was no real animal beginning with u, so we used unicorn instead!

A posse of vicunas

A pot of water buffalo

A cabinet of yak

A dazzle of zebras
Image Credit Flickr User geofftheref

Infortunately, there are no collective nouns for any animals beginning with the letters i, u and x - at least none that we could find.  If you can, please let us know!

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