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Doggles – Dogs in Sunglasses

Saturday 12 March 2022

How do I look in these?  That age old question about sunglasses is now not only restricted to our own species.  Now the dogs are getting in on the act too.  A surprise hit, it has been described as one of those money making ideas that should never have worked but in fact makes millions.

You might think that they are a complete waste of money, but simply as a fashion accessory they seem to be a hit – and the dogs, so we are assured, love the attention that they receive once they have donned their doggles.

However, several medical uses have been found for doggles with some fitted with prescription lenses for dogs with poor eyesight.  Other dogs born without tear ducts have also used them so that their eyes do not dry up and become infected.  Yet, it must be said that for most dogs and there human companions the doggles are just a little summer fun.

The idea for doggles came from a couple – Ken and Roni di Lullo after they saw their dog squinting in bright lights.  Some experimentation with human sunglasses later and the couple soon developed a pair of sunglass which would fit the shape of a dog’s head.  Much ringing of cash registers later they must be at least a little bewildered by the success of their project.

It is a little surprising that no one had thought of them before.  After all, when you were young, how many times did you try to place a pair on the bemused head of the family dog? So, here they come – some very cool canines sporting their sunglasses with poochy pride.

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