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Ball Python Feeding - Fast Motion Footage not for the Faint Hearted

Saturday, 2 July 2011

If you are squeamish, don’t watch this.  If you are even vaguely scared of snakes – or rats – don’t watch this.  If you are a full on ophiophobe do not watch this – and if you are remotely musphobic - perhaps it is not so much of a good idea either = even though the rat in the video gets it big time.

This is nature, tooth and claw.  You may think that feeding a live rat to a snake constitutes animal cruelty but the snake, a ball python, will not eat anything that is dead already. 

The rat has been bred for a single purpose – the whole point of its life was its death.  Perhaps that is hard to stomach but this remains a fascinating piece of footage by Jonathan Allen.  The fact it is in fast motion enables us to watch the ball python devour its prey in a way which would ordinarily take much longer to watch.  Not for the faint hearted, for sure.

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