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Humpback Whale Performs Amazing Act of Appreciation After Being Freed From Nets

Sunday 11 May 2014

Michael Fishback and his family visit the Sea of Cortez, photographing whales to track them and observe their behaviors.

However, on one of their trips they had the opportunity to help save a trapped humpback whale.   They took this incredible footage which shows you exactly what happened.

The young whale at first appeared to be dead.  The group floated next to it for a few minutes and saw no signs of life until it exhaled.  Michael eased in to the water to assess the situation and found that the whale was terribly tangled in fishing net.

Both pectoral fins were pinned to its body and it looked as if the whale would probably die unless something was done soon – and there was no time to waste.  When you watch this amazing film you will see what happens next – and this time it is a happy ending.  Once the whale is free though, it does something amazing – it shows its appreciation of the family and their endeavors to save him by giving them a show they will never forget.

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