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Two Main Rules for the Dog Park

Tuesday 26 April 2022

If you’ve recently adopted a puppy from a shelter or a site like, you’re probably excited about taking it to a dog park. You might want to show off your new cute, furry friend or just want to ensure your puppy gets lots of exposure to strangers and other dogs. Whatever your reason is for taking your dog to a dog park, you’ll need to understand two main rules for any dog park. This will make sure the visit is enjoyable for you, your puppy, and everyone else who’s there at the same time.

Pick Up After Your Dog

This should go without saying, but when your dog does its business inside the dog park enclosure, be a good pet owner and pick it up. Most dog parks provide supplies for picking up your dog’s poop and disposing of it in a trash can. But you’d be surprised at the number of dog owners who conveniently “don’t see” their dog when they go number two in on the grounds. Perhaps they’re too engrossed in their phone or they’re busy talking to another dog owner, but whatever the excuse, there really is no excuse for not picking up after your dog.

The dog park is meant for everyone, so it’s everyone’s responsibility to keep it clean and poop-free. You would want other owners to pick up after their pets, so don’t be that owner who thinks the rules only apply to other people. If the dog park you go to doesn’t provide doggy doo bags, be sure to bring your own so that you can take responsibility for your dog’s mess.

Keep Your Dog in the Right Area

Most dog parks will have a written rule not to let dogs in or out of the enclosure so that owners can feel comfortable letting their dogs off leash inside the dog park. But one of the unwritten rules is to keep your dog in the right area for its size. You’ll usually find that dog parks have a separate area designed just for small dogs that keeps them away from the more energetic larger dogs. Even if you really think your dog would love to play on or with one of the structures in the small dog area, don’t bring your large breed dog into that section if small dogs are present.

The purpose of a dog park is to allow dogs of all sizes the opportunity to enjoy a yard-like environment without being on a leash and without the risk of other dogs hurting them. Although a large dog might not intend to hurt a smaller canine, it can happen accidentally, which is why most parks separate the two. If your large breed dog takes a while to warm up to other dogs, you might be able to use the small dog area to get it used to the idea of playing with other dogs, but be sure to ask any small dog owners first.


These rules are usually universal for all dog parks, but you should always check the specific regulations for any dog park you’re visiting before you bring your dog to the area. This will help you and your dog have a good experience at the park and other owners will welcome your return.

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