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Why do Alpacas Spit?

Sunday 19 June 2022

Most people know that alpacas are capable of spitting huge gobs of greeny fluid. Yet why do they do it? It certainly isn’t to simply clear their airways, but the answer is not as straightforward as you might think. Alpacas spit for two main reasons, and both are ways to communicate something essential. If they could talk there would probably be a simple, polite request from an alpaca. As they cannot, spitting is about the only way that they can get a point across quickly and decidedly. It’s also a message easily understood by the recipient of the gooey salivary mess that is ejected from their mouths.

Alpaca Alpacas are not inveterate spitters. They are mostly a peaceful species and like nothing more than quietly grazing minding their own business and most definitely not sharing. This brings us to the first reason that alpacas spit – when they perceive that their own food is being taken from them by another then they tend to get a little agitated and the spitting will commence.

Why is food so important? A major part of any alpaca day is eating – they spend most of their waking hours munching away. Most of this is done peacefully and happily but woe betide any alpaca that is perceived to be making incursions on the food of another! The ears retract backwards and the lips slacken. At the same time the alpaca will emit a little noise – it’s hard to call it an alpaca “growl” even though that is effectively what it is – but this sounds like it’s an “eeeek”. These warning signs usually work- alpacas are bright and social animals. However, if the hint isn’t taken then the perceived food stealer will get a face full of green gob – basically saliva and regurgitated grass mixed with digestive fluid. Splat!

Andean Women and Alpacas 
The reason why so many people get spat upon by alpacas is that they do not recognise these signs. They are almost certainly not guilty of the crime of stealing the alpaca’s breakfast, lunch or dinner – but the alpaca, although bright, is driven by instinct. If an alpaca feels that its food is about to be stolen its expectoration time… bur this really is a last resort. The alpaca doesn’t feel smug or victorious after a well-aimed mouthful of spittle hits their “opponent” firmly in the face. The whole thing tastes horrible, and they avoid spitting as often as possible.

Animals of Peru 
 The spit smells revolting, and it can remain a pungent reminder of your close encounter with an alpaca for hours, especially if it gets on to your clothes or glasses.

So, what’s the other reason an alpaca might spit? Unsurprisingly, its when a female is pregnant. If a male makes advances towards her and isn’t giving up, then she will deliver a gob full of spit to his fluffy visage. That certainly ensures he gets the very clear message, and he will beat a hasty retreat!

Alpacas, Waitati New Zealand 
 This counts for humans too – and the alpaca will not be gender-specific. 

If you get too close to a pregnant alpaca – when you see and hear the warning signs, back away quickly. If not, you will receive the whole malodorous package and as there is not elite club for those who have been hit by alpaca hoick then our advice is to always err on the side of caution around this hyper salivatory camelid mammal.

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